Sunday, August 5, 2012

klikot Social networking

klikot  Social networking is a meeting place for internet users, to make friends acquaintances, or to hold a match (match), one web-based social klikot provide different things that, earn a living in klikot,

following steps to join the social network klikot

  • I invite you in klikot as friend join sign up
  • The next image appears below, and fill yourself bio to complete
  • insert a check in the menu " iagree to  terms of klikot " continue to click Signup
 then you have already registered in klikot, please invite your friends to join in klikot . easy to communicate in klikot find your special friend in klikot,  

klikot provide facilities share a video from youtube to be distributed to social klikot netwoking

What is Klikot?
Klikot is the future of social networking, a social network that pays its users for their contribution.

Real Money
By creating content and inviting friends, you receive real money as a valued recognition of your contribution to the network.
In Klikot you may choose to donate your earnings to charities and support the causes you believe in.
Do you want to control who can see your pictures, read your info, or send you messages? In Klikot you can.

>> Show which friends of mine have already signed up.


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