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Mas Herbal Medicated oil

CHI BOSTER Herbal Medicated OIL
DIN KES P-IRT NO 207510403032


Uric acid , reumatic , joint pain, Muscle, Twist Muscle, back Pain Sprains, Tingly, Allergy, Bitten by insect, Prevent Mosquitoesbite, water bug, Acenes, Black heads, Abrations, Skin Inflamation Boils, Irrittation, Vertigo, Tottache sproe, Coughing; cold, flatulance, gastritis, Hemorrhoid, Urinary Infation, Infroving stamina, dused Hot Liquid, Bruses, alcers, diabetic wounds, Burn, exposed to electric Shock Etc,,

For External Use only  Producen by : Usada Alam Lestari Bali indonesia

Price IDR 160.000 @Btl 110 Ml & 60ML @btl IDR 65.000


HI - Have We know the word Chi ....??
Let us get acquainted with the name of Chi ..
In the science of acupuncture, acupressure Reflection or we will often hear about Chi (Qi).
Chi is the vital energy, basic energy flowing in the meridian pathways in our bodies.
People often refer to Chi India as Prana Energy.

Chi energy serves to:

Unlock, move, to grow and network activity of organs, meridians, circulation of fluids and blood and the results of metabolism.
Protect and strengthen the immune system. So that the body becomes resistant to attacks from outside and cause disease causes of disease in and drive out the disease.
And regulate body heat to warm
Control and control of blood, urine, saliva, enzymes, and the disposal so that they are running out of place in a certain amount of balance.

Chi energy flowing in the body in the same manner as blood. To find out how the environment affects the chi energy in your life, you should understand how it moves in your body. Along the center of the body are called the seven chakra energy concentration similar to the organ of the blood spot to gather.

The energy spread of chakra chi there are 14 energy pathways called meridians. To-14 energy pathways that flow through the hands, arms, torso, and head. Such as blood flow and capillary, they bring chi energy into the channels of smaller until each cell filled with blood and chi energy.

Blood carries oxygen and nutrients, while the chi energy to bring thoughts, ideas, emotions, and dreams in your life. He also brought some chi energy from the environment. Therefore, what he thinks and where you think will have a direct effect on cells in your body. The mind has a direct influence on physical health.

Many people feel the benefits of positive thinking and some claimed to have recovered from a serious disease because of positive thinking. People can be cured by moving to a new location. Come to the spa or a location that has the means of healing is a way that has become a tradition. Chi energy work such as two-way process. Your thoughts affect your chi energy, chi energy and you affect the way you think. So, your environment will affect your chi energy and it will affect the way you think and feel.

Like a tree planted in the soil best suited to the needs of the tree, we seek the best menenam chi energy. By moving from one house to another, from one city to another, or from one country to another country, you get a chance to change the chi energy. That way, the way you think and feel is also changing.

If the chi energy in the place you live according to the chi that you need for happiness, meaning it has a positive influence in your life. Unfortunately, your home may have an adverse impact on your chi energy and in some places may have a negative influence on you.

Many factors affect the chi energy that comes into your body, such as food, weather and the people who live with you. In terms of feng shui, chi energy is the main influence of the environment. That includes home, work location, and landscaping all around. Jga building has its own influence. Being in a big building with lots of ornaments such as museums can keep you full of inspiration, joy, and excitement.


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