Monday, June 25, 2012

Joomla comes from the word jumla

means together or to all. If the authors interpret it as something which can be used together, everyone, all walks, all countries, all nations can utilize the CMS Joomla together. Joomla is now entering the community area. Joomlabecomes a trade-mark or brand image, that the world of open source can be well developed and perfect.
Joomla belong to all that can be used to develop based on the ability and skills to become a contributor in
development of the project site. All persons are entitled to know and use Joomla this. All persons are also entitled to fiddling with Joomla. In fact, all people have equal opportunities in terms of the development of this Joomla project. so that Joomla belong together for people, communities, and society.

Historically, Joomla is a fraction of the Mambo core team. The core team supporting Open
Source is joining in a group called Open Source Matters (OSM).
OSM through this, then switch to left Mambo Joomla. Of Joomla is also
many improvements or changes introduced in Mambo
Joomla. Joomla is also a full complement of security. Some of the weaknesses that have been

perfected as follows:
  • Completion of defect in the PHPMailer class.
Filling defect in the activation feature that contains the space open to attackwith SQL injection.
  • Completion of defects in components of the polls (polls component).
  • Completion of the mass mailer who is open to spam.
Joomla is open for download on the site

Unique from an Open Source project is the support of intelligent human who voluntarily dedicate themselves to engage willingly contribute ideas, time and money. Joomla has so far been part of the world that does not
integral. Forms of support from smart people in the world can be varied. there are plays part in pemyempuranaan system. That makes the support components (add-on) too much. Some are even contributed his time to bertanyajawab in joomla official forum of several thousand people.

The author has a favorite place to ask the people around the world about joomla
through the joomla official forum In this all forums
discussed. What I think and want to ask was already documented
properly. So, easy to get information all about Joomla
paid and answered in this forum. The author recommends to its readers
for frequently accessing or logging into this forum.
Non official Joomla forum too much. All scattered on the web. live
search engine Google. All information about individuals made ​​Joomla
already available. Chapter.

Joomla by default it can operate for a maximum web
reliable. Availability of facilities and features to a sophisticated web has been fulfilled.
But sometimes there are also desires to add other features in accordance
needs. Features - Additional features like photo galleries, weather forecasts, exchange rates, calendar,
and so on. The needs for this feature is provided free of charge by
Joomla support. So do not be afraid. There are thousands of people who have donated
these features. Technically this term by Joomla add-on called componnet.
There are many thousands of add-on components are scattered in this world. Please download
and take it for free. However, the authors suggest to try first component
this. If not already fitted and the collision system. Make sure also that the component
add on is consistent with the final version Joomlanya


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