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Ebook PowerPoint 2007

Module 1 Introduction to PowerPoint 2007
Running Microsoft PowerPoint 2007
Introduction Interface / Display PowerPoint 2007
Activating Menu-Menu In Microsoft PowerPoint 2007
Creating a New Document in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007
Save a Presentation Document
The presentation closes

Module 2 Starting a Presentation
Creating a New Document in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007
Adding a New Slide in the Presentation
Saving Documents Presentations By Any Other Name
Creating a Presentation Using a Template
Creating Presentations Using Templates Microsoft Office Online

Module 3 Managing Work Display File Open Document Presentation
Some view the introduction of
Working With Display Area Outline
Working with Slide
Working with Slide Sorter View
Working With Display Notes Pages

Module 4 Set Layout and Themes
Selecting and Changing the Layout / Display Slide.
Using the Slide Themes.
Using Multiple Themes In One Presentations
Format Editing Themes
Creating Custom Color Slide Themes / Colors New Thames

Module 5 Modify the Slide Background, Format Text
Changing the Slide Background Color With Solid.
Changing the Slide Background with Gradient Color
Changing the Slide Background With Image / Picture
Setting the Font and Paragraph Format the Slide
Set the Distance Space Shuttle Letter / Character
Set the Format Paragraph Alignment In Slide

Module 6 Modify Paragraph, Bullet and Numbering
Set the Line Spacing Paragraphs in Slide.
Set the Indent / Distance Text With Text Boundaries
Using the Format Bullets
Using the Numbering Format

Module 7 Modifying Presentations With Insert Picture, Audio DanVideo
Adding Images to the Slide Objects
Modifying Image In Slide
Using Style and Image Effects
Inserting Video Files To The Slide Presentations
Inserting File Sound / Sound Into the Slide Presentations

Module 8 Using, Modifying the Slide Master
Using the Slide Master
Modifying the Font and Paragraph Using the Slide Master
Inserting Picture / Image To The Slide Master
Creating a New Slide Master

Modifying the Presentation Module 9 Using Animation
Using Animation in the Slide
Using the Custom Animation
Removing the Slide Animation Effects
Creating a New Slide Master
Set the duration Slideshow
Displacement Effects Using Slide

Module 10 Modifying Presentations With Insert Table, Graph, and WordArt
Insert a table in Slide Presentation
Set the Format Table In Presentations
Removing and Adding Rows & Columns Table
Adding Charts in Presentations
Adding a Diagram in Presentations
Set the Format Diagram In Presentations

Module 11 Adding and Modifying Pictures, Clip Art And Shapes
Adding Images In Slide Presentation
Adding ClipArt Percent In Slide
Adding a Shape Object In Document Presentation
Adding a Text Box Object Document Presentation

Module 12 Publications and Printing a Presentation
Combining Several Slide Which Will in Publications
Creating Action Buttons in the Slide
Creating a Slide Toward Link Tetentu
Packing presentation to the CD
Saving File File Become a Slide Show Presentation
Being a Hand print Slide Out

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