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facebook to the timeline

Hahayyy .. happy new year 2012 so hopefully more successful steps to change the look of facebook to the timeline :

Tirta Empul tampak siring bali indonesia

Tampak Siring Gianyar bali indonesia

Hp Laptop Touch Screen

The HP Touch Smart TX2-1270 is currently the most successful hybrid laptop in the market. It is essential 12.1-inch ultra-portable laptop that can also serve as a tablet PC.

Price HP 430s 7PA

Specifications Platform: Notebook PC Processor Type Intel Core i3 Processor Processor Onboard: Intel® Core™ i3-370M Processor (2.4 GHz, Cache 3 MB) Chipset Intel® HM65 Standard Memory 2 GB DDR3

Monday, June 25, 2012

Joomla comes from the word jumla

means together or to all. If the authors interpret it as something which can be used together, everyone, all walks, all countries, all nations can utilize the CMS Joomla together. Joomla is now entering the community area. Joomlabecomes a trade-mark or brand image, that the world of open source can be well developed and perfect.
Joomla belong to all that can be used to develop based on the ability and skills to become a contributor in
development of the project site. All persons are entitled to know and use Joomla this. All persons are also entitled to fiddling with Joomla. In fact, all people have equal opportunities in terms of the development of this Joomla project. so that Joomla belong together for people, communities, and society.

Historically, Joomla is a fraction of the Mambo core team. The core team supporting Open
Source is joining in a group called Open Source Matters (OSM).
OSM through this, then switch to left Mambo Joomla. Of Joomla is also
many improvements or changes introduced in Mambo
Joomla. Joomla is also a full complement of security. Some of the weaknesses that have been

perfected as follows:
  • Completion of defect in the PHPMailer class.
Filling defect in the activation feature that contains the space open to attackwith SQL injection.
  • Completion of defects in components of the polls (polls component).
  • Completion of the mass mailer who is open to spam.
Joomla is open for download on the site

Unique from an Open Source project is the support of intelligent human who voluntarily dedicate themselves to engage willingly contribute ideas, time and money. Joomla has so far been part of the world that does not
integral. Forms of support from smart people in the world can be varied. there are plays part in pemyempuranaan system. That makes the support components (add-on) too much. Some are even contributed his time to bertanyajawab in joomla official forum of several thousand people.

The author has a favorite place to ask the people around the world about joomla
through the joomla official forum In this all forums
discussed. What I think and want to ask was already documented
properly. So, easy to get information all about Joomla
paid and answered in this forum. The author recommends to its readers
for frequently accessing or logging into this forum.
Non official Joomla forum too much. All scattered on the web. live
search engine Google. All information about individuals made ​​Joomla
already available. Chapter.

Joomla by default it can operate for a maximum web
reliable. Availability of facilities and features to a sophisticated web has been fulfilled.
But sometimes there are also desires to add other features in accordance
needs. Features - Additional features like photo galleries, weather forecasts, exchange rates, calendar,
and so on. The needs for this feature is provided free of charge by
Joomla support. So do not be afraid. There are thousands of people who have donated
these features. Technically this term by Joomla add-on called componnet.
There are many thousands of add-on components are scattered in this world. Please download
and take it for free. However, the authors suggest to try first component
this. If not already fitted and the collision system. Make sure also that the component
add on is consistent with the final version Joomlanya

Friday, June 15, 2012

Software PesonaEdu

Software Pendidikan PesonaEdu, merupakan kurikulum software, artinya software yang dikembangkan berdasarkan kurikulum nasional yang berlaku di Indonesia.

Salah Satu Guru Fisika yang mempergunakan metode mengajar fisika dengan Software Pendidikan PesonaEdu adalah Drs. asep supriatna di sekolah sman 14 bandung

Terdapat lebih dari 1.500 halaman animasi dan simulasi interaktif kelas dunia, yang dikembangkan sejak tahun 1986 dan telah diekspor ke-23 negara serta mendapatkan penghargaan baik dalam negeri maupun international.

Seri Produk PesonaEdu Edisi Indonesia, terdiri dalam 2 versi (dwi bahasa: Indonesia-Inggris):

1. VERSI LENGKAP OFF LINE untuk Sekolah.
2. VERSI LENGKAP ON LINE untuk Guru, Siswa dan Orang Tua.

VERSI LENGKAP OFF LINE untuk sekolah, dapat dioperasikan dalam jaringan dan dilengkapi dengan Koleksi Soal.

Paket yang tersedia:

1. Pesona Matematika volum 3,4
2. Pesona Matematika volum 5,6
3. Pesona Sains volum 5,6

1. Pesona Matematika volum 7
2. Pesona Matematika volum 8
3. Pesona Matematika volum 9
4. Pesona Sains (Fisika, Biologi, Kimia) volum 7
5. Pesona Sains (Fisika, Biologi, Kimia) volum 8
6. Pesona Sains (Fisika, Biologi, Kimia) volum 9

1. Pesona Fisika volum 10
2. Pesona Fisika volum 11
3. Pesona Fisika volum 12

1. Pesona Fisika volum 1
2. Pesona Fisika volum 2
3. Pesona Fisika volum 3

VERSI LENGKAP ON LINE, hadir untuk Guru, Siswa, Orang Tua yang telah lama merindukan alat bantu belajar yang memiliki simulasi interaktif kelas dunia dengan harga yang terjangkau.

Materi pembelajaran dapat di download dan diaktivasi via internet dalam satuan bab/topik.

Untuk registrasi dan berlangganan, kunjungi:

Untuk kebutuhan eksport, di release dengan nama Amazing Edu Software, tersedia dalam Concise Version untuk Individu, dan Full Version untuk Sekolah. Sekolah International atau Nasional Plus dengan bahasa pengantar di kelas, menggunakan bahasa Inggris, dapat juga membeli Seri AmazingEdu Software.

“Siswa yang tidak mengerti suatu konsep Matematika atau Sains, hanya akan menghafal untuk lulus. Sebaliknya siswa yang memahami konsep dengan benar, akan mendapat bekal tidak hanya untuk lulus, namun berguna untuk masa depannya.”

Ebook PowerPoint 2007

Module 1 Introduction to PowerPoint 2007
Running Microsoft PowerPoint 2007
Introduction Interface / Display PowerPoint 2007
Activating Menu-Menu In Microsoft PowerPoint 2007
Creating a New Document in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007
Save a Presentation Document
The presentation closes

Module 2 Starting a Presentation
Creating a New Document in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007
Adding a New Slide in the Presentation
Saving Documents Presentations By Any Other Name
Creating a Presentation Using a Template
Creating Presentations Using Templates Microsoft Office Online

Module 3 Managing Work Display File Open Document Presentation
Some view the introduction of
Working With Display Area Outline
Working with Slide
Working with Slide Sorter View
Working With Display Notes Pages

Module 4 Set Layout and Themes
Selecting and Changing the Layout / Display Slide.
Using the Slide Themes.
Using Multiple Themes In One Presentations
Format Editing Themes
Creating Custom Color Slide Themes / Colors New Thames

Module 5 Modify the Slide Background, Format Text
Changing the Slide Background Color With Solid.
Changing the Slide Background with Gradient Color
Changing the Slide Background With Image / Picture
Setting the Font and Paragraph Format the Slide
Set the Distance Space Shuttle Letter / Character
Set the Format Paragraph Alignment In Slide

Module 6 Modify Paragraph, Bullet and Numbering
Set the Line Spacing Paragraphs in Slide.
Set the Indent / Distance Text With Text Boundaries
Using the Format Bullets
Using the Numbering Format

Module 7 Modifying Presentations With Insert Picture, Audio DanVideo
Adding Images to the Slide Objects
Modifying Image In Slide
Using Style and Image Effects
Inserting Video Files To The Slide Presentations
Inserting File Sound / Sound Into the Slide Presentations

Module 8 Using, Modifying the Slide Master
Using the Slide Master
Modifying the Font and Paragraph Using the Slide Master
Inserting Picture / Image To The Slide Master
Creating a New Slide Master

Modifying the Presentation Module 9 Using Animation
Using Animation in the Slide
Using the Custom Animation
Removing the Slide Animation Effects
Creating a New Slide Master
Set the duration Slideshow
Displacement Effects Using Slide

Module 10 Modifying Presentations With Insert Table, Graph, and WordArt
Insert a table in Slide Presentation
Set the Format Table In Presentations
Removing and Adding Rows & Columns Table
Adding Charts in Presentations
Adding a Diagram in Presentations
Set the Format Diagram In Presentations

Module 11 Adding and Modifying Pictures, Clip Art And Shapes
Adding Images In Slide Presentation
Adding ClipArt Percent In Slide
Adding a Shape Object In Document Presentation
Adding a Text Box Object Document Presentation

Module 12 Publications and Printing a Presentation
Combining Several Slide Which Will in Publications
Creating Action Buttons in the Slide
Creating a Slide Toward Link Tetentu
Packing presentation to the CD
Saving File File Become a Slide Show Presentation
Being a Hand print Slide Out

Download Ebook Power Point 2007

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Template Toko Plus

Template Toko Plus v.4

Bisnis Online Merupakan Solusi terbaik Di era Global sekarang seiring Perkembangan internet makin pesat .
Opencart salah satu script bebasis online shop atau web toko online yang handal dan friendly, dapat di kembangkan secara optimal , tertarik dengan script toko online ini ? anda  dapat membeli disini komplit dengan panduan install , mata uang IDr atau rupiah , suport bahasa indonesia ,dan masih banyak vitur admin yang bisa anda kelola sendiri , sangat mudah dan cepat di mengerti , bagi orang awam sekalipun seperti saya ini :D
berikut adalah koleksi Template terbaru toko online plus ,
31 Template Toko Plus yang canggih dan elegant!!
Order Sekarang DISINI
Download Script Toko Online Gratis, Script Bisnis Penjualan Online Terbaik, Terlaris, dan Open Source
Manfaatkan Internet Sebagai Media Terbaik Untuk Memasarkan Segala Jenis Produk yg Anda Miliki ke 40 Juta Pengguna Internet Indonesia sebagai Pasar Terluas dan Terbesar di Seluruh Wilayah Nusantara

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mas Herbal Medicated oil

CHI BOSTER Herbal Medicated OIL
DIN KES P-IRT NO 207510403032


Uric acid , reumatic , joint pain, Muscle, Twist Muscle, back Pain Sprains, Tingly, Allergy, Bitten by insect, Prevent Mosquitoesbite, water bug, Acenes, Black heads, Abrations, Skin Inflamation Boils, Irrittation, Vertigo, Tottache sproe, Coughing; cold, flatulance, gastritis, Hemorrhoid, Urinary Infation, Infroving stamina, dused Hot Liquid, Bruses, alcers, diabetic wounds, Burn, exposed to electric Shock Etc,,

For External Use only  Producen by : Usada Alam Lestari Bali indonesia

Price IDR 160.000 @Btl 110 Ml & 60ML @btl IDR 65.000


HI - Have We know the word Chi ....??
Let us get acquainted with the name of Chi ..
In the science of acupuncture, acupressure Reflection or we will often hear about Chi (Qi).
Chi is the vital energy, basic energy flowing in the meridian pathways in our bodies.
People often refer to Chi India as Prana Energy.

Chi energy serves to:

Unlock, move, to grow and network activity of organs, meridians, circulation of fluids and blood and the results of metabolism.
Protect and strengthen the immune system. So that the body becomes resistant to attacks from outside and cause disease causes of disease in and drive out the disease.
And regulate body heat to warm
Control and control of blood, urine, saliva, enzymes, and the disposal so that they are running out of place in a certain amount of balance.

Chi energy flowing in the body in the same manner as blood. To find out how the environment affects the chi energy in your life, you should understand how it moves in your body. Along the center of the body are called the seven chakra energy concentration similar to the organ of the blood spot to gather.

The energy spread of chakra chi there are 14 energy pathways called meridians. To-14 energy pathways that flow through the hands, arms, torso, and head. Such as blood flow and capillary, they bring chi energy into the channels of smaller until each cell filled with blood and chi energy.

Blood carries oxygen and nutrients, while the chi energy to bring thoughts, ideas, emotions, and dreams in your life. He also brought some chi energy from the environment. Therefore, what he thinks and where you think will have a direct effect on cells in your body. The mind has a direct influence on physical health.

Many people feel the benefits of positive thinking and some claimed to have recovered from a serious disease because of positive thinking. People can be cured by moving to a new location. Come to the spa or a location that has the means of healing is a way that has become a tradition. Chi energy work such as two-way process. Your thoughts affect your chi energy, chi energy and you affect the way you think. So, your environment will affect your chi energy and it will affect the way you think and feel.

Like a tree planted in the soil best suited to the needs of the tree, we seek the best menenam chi energy. By moving from one house to another, from one city to another, or from one country to another country, you get a chance to change the chi energy. That way, the way you think and feel is also changing.

If the chi energy in the place you live according to the chi that you need for happiness, meaning it has a positive influence in your life. Unfortunately, your home may have an adverse impact on your chi energy and in some places may have a negative influence on you.

Many factors affect the chi energy that comes into your body, such as food, weather and the people who live with you. In terms of feng shui, chi energy is the main influence of the environment. That includes home, work location, and landscaping all around. Jga building has its own influence. Being in a big building with lots of ornaments such as museums can keep you full of inspiration, joy, and excitement.

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