Monday, February 13, 2012

USPI mutually suport system

received information from friends in Denpasar Bali on USPI ( Usaha Sosial Produktif Indonesia )

and want to know what exactly USPI
Indonesian Financial Action for Social Engineering
USPI keywords in google search I found a website that describes its Vision and Mission
USPI Technology
Creating an easy and efficient
Integrated Economic and empower
Social Welfare Society Indonesia

Potential Empowering Communities
Social Enterprises Through Productive Indonesia
Using the Global Network of Integrated Technology USPI

Increased Purchasing Power of Consumer Masyartakat
Marketing collateral for Small and Medium Industry Products
Provision of Land and Business Potential Productive Employment
Productivity increase is small and medium traders

USPI program

Loans - PTBTA
Patrons - BU
Manager - RU
Officers - SPS
SME marketing
SME merchants
Consumers - BP
Work - self-managed

on the website Kadin Indonesia news :

Joint Chamber of Commerce sign MoU USPI Empowerment of SMEs

Kadin Indonesia signed a memorandum of understanding with the Social Productive Cooperatives Indonesia (USPI) related to empowerment of Medium, Small and Micro Enterprises (SMEs) in the Mega Glodok Kemayoran - Jakarta, (12/5).

The purpose of signing of this MoU is to increase the certainty of product marketing for SMEs (Small and Medium Industries), merchants empower SMEs and Cooperatives, the fight against unemployment through the provision of land potential and productive employment, and increase of purchasing power.

"This is to mediate between producers, traders and consumers. We have a warranty program, which means that SMEs to join at least they will get three guarantees. First, it guarantees that the goods produced will be sold. Second, security vendors can restore the debt within one year. And third, consumers will be productive expenditure program, "said Chairman of the USPI Mudhito Samsunarto.

Meanwhile, Vice Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce Sector SMEs, Cooperatives and Creative Industries Budyarto Linggowiyono said that the agreement is able to address the problem of unemployment through the provision of land and productive employment potential.

"The number of entrepreneurs have grown rapidly, so as to absorb and provide jobs for the new force and unemployment. Of new labor force and unemployment there is, in part to the push into new entrepreneurs. The trick of course with education and training, coaching and mentoring and facilitation of access to needed capital. This can be done through a pattern of cooperation Kadin Indonesia and USPI, "said Budyarto.

Furthermore, Budyarto said that Kadin Indonesia was led to the birth of 4 million new entrepreneurs. However, to realize it needs support from various stakeholders including the government. If the entrepreneur does not increase Indonesia, Indonesia's economy is feared to be ruled by foreigners. The solution, all parties must truly come together to accelerate growth in the number of new entrepreneurs.

USPI Usaha Sosial Produktif Indonesia


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