Sunday, February 5, 2012

How to Make Money from Game

Make Money from Game?

If I had to make a mobile game can be played, what steps I need to do the easiest to sell the game to make money?

( Noor Hashim, 23th, men )

The easiest step is to sell your game to the appstore / marketplace such as the iTunes AppStore, Nokia Store or the Android Marketplace, but the revenue generated from sales of mobile games do not usually fast, it is quite long, aka ROI. There are two models that can be done, the game sold or otherwise paid to the money from each purchase of your game, or release the game for free but to use the services of mobile game advertising company, so you get money from advertising on your game.
For more detailed explanation can be found here.

Our advice heck just try it once you release the game with one model, then the next game for the pake another business model, and select the most suitable to your situation: D
 NB : appropriate solution, work it will be earning


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