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Television featuring amazing pictures so look - and feel - more real than real. That's the Samsung LED C7000. With powerful 3D capabilities and HyperReal Engine so deep, showing the world how the things you've never seen before. Strengthen its LED screen image in such a way that it is hard to believe that they are out of an ultra-thin TV. Rich in color, move the nan fine and stately contrast levels combine to create an unparalleled viewing experience. So whether you're watching your favorite television programs, web content or video that you record yourself, which is designed to shock your mind.

Ultimate reality with Samsung 3D
There is only one way to experience 3D at not being in the theater. And it is with 3D LED TV Samsung. Offering the most in-depth viewing experience with content that is free from the constraints of flat TVs and turn it into a powerful image. The effect is breathtaking - enriching life, ultra-real picture quality that rivals the cinema - in the import into your own space. Samsung innovation is even possible to convert your favorite movies 2D to 3D. Because LED TV Samsung 3D demanding your attention, no matter what's displayed.

Infinite entertainment with Internet @ TV
Proprietary technology Samsung's Internet @ TV opens the world more than you can possibly imagine. And put all the screens big and bright LED C7000. Easily connect to the Internet, let's enjoy all the brilliant content the web offers. Enhance, enrich and easy, you can arrange, add and delete content through Samsung Applications library. Other models even allow you to make internet video calls, so you are not only connected to your video, you connect to your people. Involve yourself in an unlimited choice.

The TV that's a design sensation
Only one television-inspired dazzling sleek, stylish shiny and very elegant. No doubt, that LED Samsung C7000. With a compact and sophisticated best match any room. Made of silver metal framed modern beautify any room, its role in your home is more than just television. Samsung C7000 LED is the total package. A new way that is designed to revolutionize the way you watch television.

More real than reality with 3D HyperReal Engine
Your mind will not trust your eyes. That's an amazing picture quality with a machine from Samsung 3D HyperReal. Enabled by Super 3C Realization, the resulting image is so real to be believable. The film not only as a mere spectacle, but you live in it. Every time will feel more real, deeper, stronger, and richer. Hard to believe that you are on the couch.

Extended PVR
Samsung extended PVR features, making your favorite shows easier and more enjoyable to watch. Simply connect the USB memory and HDD, then select the channel, time, and date in the menu. After that, let the PVR features do the rest. This feature allows you to watch your favorite shows anytime as you want.

Green works in any room
Samsung LED TVs seem as friendly to planet-friendly for our vision. LED TVs Energy Star-Compliant 2009 uses less power than 50% compared to last year's model and made with environmentally friendly materials. So you can put your feet and relax knowing that you only leave little carbon footprint and save energy at the same time. Not only will the planet look better, your bills are also becoming more the better.

Controlling light, energy saving
Samsung HDTVs friendly to the planet and your eyes. A unique Eco Sensor measures the intensity of light in the room and automatically adjusts the brightness of the image on the screen. In a bright environment, the brightness of the image becomes brighter, and in dim environments, the brightness is reduced. So, you're not wasting energy when the bright screen is not required. Enjoy the best picture with a TV that is able to adapt to the environment.

TV camera for video calls (Skype ™ on Samsung TV)
Give breath new life into your movie collection with a built-in HDD Samsung BDP C6900 and increase your standard DVDs to high-resolution DVD. Your favorite DVD will feature the same brilliant details and rich, intense color that you'll enjoy high definition content comes from on your HDTV.

Wide Colour Enhancer Plus
The challenge of any TV screen is to recreate reality through color and light. Therefore, Samsung presents the features Wide Colour Enhancer Plus. Each pixel was stretched to the limit of three dimensions. What you get is the reality of the real color of a TV screen.

All Share keeps you connected
LED TV Series 7 allows you to share your talents with the world, or at least with your family. You can transfer videos, music and photos from your PC or mobile device wirelessly and easily. Even the PC is not connected with some problems. Who said you need connections to get on TV?


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