Sunday, January 22, 2012

free download software

 using software Mediaget

free download software Mediaget, to download, videos, music, torent files, applications or software, document files are stored on the internet and free hosting, Mediaget also provide search downloaded files that you want .. ? input the title in the search field, then press enter, it's easy right hehehe *_* at below are examples of the media get to download video files :

The first step is, install it on your pc Mediaget (mediaget for windows os)

Mediaget pic

input file in the search field titles are available in mediaget then press enter
wait until the download is 100% complete, while browsing facebook google yahoo and bing, as shown below: 

hopefully useful thanks from tujeng , if you do not have the os Mediaget, please download  for windows   and  Mediaget for Mac Os

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