Friday, January 13, 2012

facebook to the timeline

facebook change to the timeline

Hahayyy .. happy new year 2012 so hopefully more successful
steps to change the look of facebook to the timeline :

  1. Login to your facebook
  2. Continue to select this address here
  3. will appear as shown below
  4. double click Learn More

5. The next step to click on the menu Get Timeline as shown below

introducing Timeline tell your life story 69
a new kind of profile . his next step, the menu will appear facebook timeline
Welcome to Your Timeline (7-Day Preview)
Only you can see your timeline during your 7-day preview. This gives you a chance to:
1. Review what's on your timeline now, and add or hide whatever you want.
2. Click Publish Now or wait until your timeline goes live on January 9.

6. next step Add a cover : serves to add a picture on the cover of your timeline facebook
( a ) please upload images or photos from your computer, or a collection of photo albums from your facebook

7. the last step is: to publish your new facebook, good luck may be useful, new timeline facebook  for happy new year 2012


yessss thanks information timeline facebook . im use now :)

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